About Ampeleia

The Ampeleia Wien Estate was developed in the 1960s by a Swiss couple, Erica and Peter Max Suter. Until then, it was only an abandoned farm. When the Suters took control over the place by setting up orchards and vineyards, the Italian wine label of Ampeleia was born. The label’s main aim was to flaunt the potential of the Roccatederighi and Metalliferous Hills regions to the world. Cabernet Franc and Merlot were the first vines to be planted on this estate upon development.

The vineyards are spread across 35 hectares located in some of the best regions of Roccatederighi. The three vineyards, where grapes are grown for making these wines are the following:

Ampeleia di Sopra – Located an average altitude of around 450 to 600m above sea level, this is the tallest vineyard of this estate. While the vineyards are spread across 70 hectares, only 15 hectares are under vine. Covered by beautiful chestnut trees and sea breezes all over, this vineyard is planted with Cabernet Franc vines mostly. The Lo Sbocco vineyard inside this place is dedicated to Merlot vines only.

Ampeleia di Mezzo – Out of the total 35 hectares found here, only 10 are dedicated to growing vines. The vines are planted at an average altitude of about 250 to 300m above sea level. While Sangiovese is grown in plenty, other varietals such as Carignan, Grenache and Alicante Bouschet are also grown on small lots.

Ampeleia di Sotto – This stretches across 15 hectares, out of which 10 hectares are under vine. The Mediterranean climate here is because of the vineyard’s close proximity to the sea. Grenache is the main varietal grown on the vines that are planted at an average altitude of 200m above sea level.

A few years ago, the management team analysed the vineyards and understood that the sites could accommodate other varietals such as Mourvedre, Trebbiano, Ansonica and Malvasia.

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Ampeleia Carignano 2017
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