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About Aphros

The wines from Portugal have a rich texture and character of their own. Aphros wines, too, are symbolic of the authentic nature of the terroirs of Portugal. This wine label is being conceptualized and promoted by Vasco Croft, one of the biggest names in the biodynamic winemaking industry of Portugal. This label was launched in 2002 with the main aim of promoting Biodynamic viticulture in this region.

The grapes for this wine label are sourced from the very fertile Lima-region, which is located quite close to the Lima River. The cool, Atlantic breezes that dominate this area lend uniqueness to the fruits grown here. The most famous grape varietals that you will get to notice in the Lima sub-region and the vines of Casal do Paco are:

Loureiro – Considered as one of the most aromatic and lightweight grape varietals, the Loureiro grapes display their best character and form when they are grown in the valley of Lima. This varietal gives out a blend of fruity and floral aromas.

Vinhao – These are intense red grape varietals that are cultivated in plenty in the region of Vinho Verde. Due to this grape’s deep colour and intense character, it is used for making Port Wines. If you are coming from the Douro region, you may know this varietal by the name, Sousao.

Alvarelhao – This is a very delicate varietal that contains low alcohol content by high acidity. Not many of us know about this native grape varietal today; however, in the earlier years, this type of grape was considered to be quite holy and the wines for the royal members were made using this varietal. In the earlier days, this grape was cultivated in large numbers in the Iberian Peninsula.

Right from planting the vines until the process of bottling the wines, only biodynamic techniques are followed by this group, lending elegance to these wines.

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