Chateau de Poncie

Chateau de Poncie

About Chateau de Poncie

One of the most renowned and oldest estates in Fleurie, Chateau de Poncie, dates back to 949 AD. Since its establishment, the winery has produced some of the best wines from high-quality terroirs. During the end of the 19th century, their products were sold at affordable prices, making them available to all people.   

In recent times, Joseph Bouchard oversees the processes of viticulture. Bouchard Père, Fils Cellar, and Frederic Weber manage winemaking and maturing or ageing the produced wines in a Burgundian style. 

Chateau de Poncie possesses noteworthy terroir varieties that encourage the workers of the vineyards to carry out and execute their “haute couture” jobs. They adopt a meticulous approach to their work to ensure the highest standard of their wines. To allow the terroirs to express themselves, Chateau de Poncie lets each plot benefit from careful manual care, limiting their yields naturally. The process involves renewing the lands entirely. The workers uproot the old vines and replace them with young ones so that each cluster matures adequately. 

The winery employs solely 46 hectares of land out of 120 hectares. The utilized plots receive the best exposure to the required amount of rainfall, altitude, and sunshine. They get used for growing vines with expressive characters and differences such as Haut du Py, carcans, la Salomine, Brirette, Montgenas, Murier, Le Pré Roi, etc. They benefit from diverse and varied exposures and terroirs. The sloping lands allow the rainwater to run off. It permits the plants to burrow deep into the soil. 

Chateau de Poncie refuses to produce wine using hasty and effortless processes. They aim to celebrate the rich history and spirit of Beaujolais by incorporating elements of the terroir into the drinks. Long fermentation and cold maceration promote rich flavour, aroma, and texture, revealing a silky mouthfeel.

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Chateau de Poncie Fleurie La Salomine 2016
Chateau de Poncie
Fleurie La Salomine 2016
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