Château Grand Bert

Château Grand Bert

About Château Grand Bert

Owned and managed by the Lavigne-Poitevin family, Château Grand Bert is a distinguished French winery located south of St Sulpice de Faleyrens village. The winery’s journey started in 1992, marking two years of Laurent and Sophie Poitevin’s wedding. They opted to take over the operations and the future of Château Grand Tuillac and Château Grand Bert. Before their ownership, the property belonged to Sophie’s parents, Françoise and Philippe Lavigne. In other words, Laurent received the land when his parents in law handed it down. 

Françoise and Philippe Lavigne did not hand down solely the property of the estate. They also passed on the entirety of knowledge and know-how of managing and upholding the winery family business satisfactorily.  The vineyards owned by Château Grand Bert consist of Cabernet Franc and Merlot. 

The winery, run for over six generations by the Lavigne-Poitevin family, falls under the ownership of Laurent and Sophie Poitevin in today’s time. The two have strived to perfect their winemaking and production skills and the overall management of the family business. They have done so for 27 years since their take over. Both of them remain driven by the ambition and passion of taking Château Grand Bert to new levels and making it a worldwide name. They also aim to transmit and hand down their ways to facilitate their children, Pierre and Thomas, to handle the family business effortlessly and conveniently. 

Thomas became a part of the winery as the head of the cellar master and culture. Pierre joined as the marketing and sale representative in 2016, making the two the 7th generation winegrowers and producers in the estate. With their roles of power, they aim to add their unique touches to the winery to improve it in every manner. Nevertheless, they plan to maintain the winery’s authenticity.

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