Chateau Lassegue

Chateau Lassegue

About Chateau Lassegue

Chateau Lassegue has a long-standing history in the region of St. Emilion, with a winery constructed sometime between the mid-1600s to its late years. Its history remains associated with the sixth-generation winemaker Pierre Seillan. From a young age, Pierre learned and observed the craft and art of wine growing and making. They did so from his ancestors of Armagnac origin. In the following years, he worked tirelessly to implement his knowledge and know-how to produce some of the best wines renowned all across the globe. 

The Seillans were a part of the land where the winery resides for a long time, much before one can remember. Their affinity to the area and its plots influenced and altered their style of winemaking and growing. As true craftsmen of the art, they listen to the voices of the land and discover even the minutest variations that take place. They transmit and incorporate these subtleties and changes of the vineyards into their produced wines.  

In 2003, the winery of Chateau Lassegue became a story and venture of two families. It started when Jess Jackson purchased the vineyards from the Freylon family. Pierre Seillan and Jess Jackson became the founding fathers of the winery’s project as they recognised the value and potential that Chateau Lassegue had. With their resources and skills, the two developed and constructed the estate we see today. 

Jess and Pierre worked with their partners and wives, Monique and Barbara Banke, respectively. They looked at the past to get the inspiration to create and the future to understand how they should progress. After Jess passed away in 2011, Barbara took over to manage the winery and the estate. In recent times, Pierre’s son, Nicolas, and daughter-in-law, Christina Seillan, play a more active role in the working and operations of Chateau Lassegue.

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Chateau Lassegue Château Lassègue Grand Cru 2012
Chateau Lassegue
Château Lassègue Grand Cru 2012
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