Crossbarn by Paul Hobbs

Crossbarn by Paul Hobbs

About Crossbarn by Paul Hobbs

The venture and story of Crossbarn began with founder and owner Paul Hobbs. Paul had years of experience and knowledge since he grew up on his family farm. It was this that allowed him to notice and appreciate the influence and qualities of the terroir. It made him realise that the attributes of the land or plot represented themselves in the fruits grown on them. This realisation came to Paul as his father offered him to taste apples of a single variety from distinct orchards apart from each other by several miles. It sparked the idea of superior parcels and terroirs in Paul’s mind, setting the basis for the establishment of Crossbarn.

Paul Hobbs established Crossbarn in 2000 on his family farm, which had a history of over 150 years. The founder wished to honour and uphold his family’s values and heritage through the winery and its sustainable practices. He implemented his texture and flavour diversity knowledge into his winemaking practices and techniques. It, in turn, allowed Crossbarn to produce the highest quality wines having lingering, fresh, and vibrant characteristics of their terroirs.

Initially, Crossbarn began as a single yet small vineyard growing and dealing with Cabernet Sauvignon. However, the winery evolved significantly through the years with other grape varieties, such as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and became what we see today. Crossbarn now owns extensive vineyards spread over the Sonoma Coast, Napa Valley, and Sonoma County.

Crossbarn remains committed to sustainable vinification and viticultural practices. The winery implements labour-intensive yet gentle and uncomplicated winemaking techniques. The workers harvest the grapes by hand at night and apply fermentation methods in each vineyard individually and separately. It permits Crossbarn to produce wines with a youthful and pure expression that can deliver the natural qualities of their terroirs with minimal human interference.

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