Domaine Cordier

Domaine Cordier

About Domaine Cordier

Domaine Cordier is a notable family-owned winery located in the village or commune of Fuissé. It remains situated in the middle of the terroir of Maconnais, a place in the southern part of Burgundy. The founding family Domaine Cordier has remained associated with it since 1968. They have contributed significantly to the wine estate’s growth and development.  

Today, Domaine Cordier remains under the management and ownership of Christophe Cordier. The winemaker runs the winery with his high standards for perfection and operations. It allows the wine estate to produce wines that possess exceptional fame all across the globe. This style of supervising and overseeing Domaine Cordier has been a concept of the family since its establishment. They have planted and grown grapevines with considerable respect for the land and the fruits. On top of that, they have maintained a continuous pursuit of quality and excellence. 

Domaine Cordier owns approximately 100 different and distinct terroirs of a superior standard. They remain spread across eight villages and 30 hectares. The vineyards of the winery get cultivated and worked on exceedingly carefully. The workers and staff in the fields consider the various elements and aspects of nature. They remain cautious to prevent any damage or impairment to the environment. Domaine Cordier ensures that the wines produced by them deliver and express the unique characteristics of their terroirs. 

Domaine Cordier believes that the outstanding quality of the wine begins with the excellence of the grapes. For that reason, the winery does not shy away from performing diverse experiments to acquire the eminence they desire in their products. Moreover, they put immense effort, rigour, motivation, and precision into their tasks to ensure success each time. It allows the wines produced by the winery to acquire and deliver their unique and desirable taste, aroma, and flavour.

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