Ego Bodegas

Ego Bodegas

About Ego Bodegas

Ego Bodegas is started in 2011 by Santos Ortiz from Spain and Ioana Pauescau from Romania, going against everything mentioned in the rulebook of wine-making. With minimal financial resources but a taste for wine and good business and management skills, the partners committed themselves personally, professionally and decided to share the effort. 

The partners set up their entire business by themselves. They built the whole winery with the objective of sales and profitability, driven by three factors considered vital for the company- quality, image and work. With their sheer hard work and good business and management skills, the winery was able to expand operations to 30 countries in 2013, within two years of establishing Ego Bodegas. 

After searching for six months for the most suitable place to run their business, the partners settled for an area known as the carpenter’s place. The carpenter’s place is known for its elevated site, the beauty of the landscape, and the surrounding vineyards owned by the duo. 

The vineyard, located just off the city of Jumila, has 38 hectares, most of which are planted with native varieties like Monastrell. The continental climate of Jumila is influenced by the Mediterranean on the east and the La Mancha plateau on the west. With an annual reception of 3000 hours of sunlight, Jumila is one of the driest wine regions in Spain. The climate, combined with the annual precipitation of 300 litres per square meter, allows for the production of grapes in small clusters. This ensures that the grapes have thicker peels, good sugar concentration and acidity levels. 

The dark and lime-enriched soil has a good moisture retention capacity, allowing the vines to survive during droughts. The soil naturally repels phylloxera, which makes it difficult for pests to attack the vines. 

The winery uses the latest technology in its processes to improve the quality and efficiency of the wines. The winery combines the traditional and modern wine-making techniques, as fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks with about 4000 to 12000-litre capacity. The duo always strives to give their customers the best wines, for which they are constantly searching for the correct type of vineyards.

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Ego Bodegas
Infinito 2015
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