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Frantz Saumon

Frantz Saumon

About Frantz Saumon

In the year 2002, Frantz Saumon, set up his own wine estate to pursue his winemaking passion in the region of Montlouis-sur-Loire. Before setting up his estate, he worked as a winemaker in many wineries in France and Canada to know the nuances of the craft. Saumon has been very vocal about his passion for organic & biodynamic winemaking.

At his winery, Saumon ensures that only fibreglass, wooden and stainless steel vats are used for processing the grapes to retain the original flavour, aroma and character of the fruits. Saumon is very particular about this aim of creating clean, pure, sparkling and dry wines all the time. Therefore, he doesn’t resort to any artificial methods in his winemaking process. His petillant natural wines are considered one of the best in the Loire Valley.

Currently, Saumon works on five different Chenin vineyards, which have diverse soils qualities. Out of these, the Clos du Chene is known for its hard limestone content. The other four parcels are mostly clay vineyards that have broken limestone content in them. Apart from this, there is another major difference between the Clos du Chene and other parcels. In the other 4, the vines are about 20 to 50 years old, whereas in Clos du Chene, the vines are between 70 and 100

years old. Some of the popular Frantz Saumon wines are:

MineralPlus – A wine created by blending fruits grown on different terroirs in the Montlouis region

Pintray – Dry and classic wine created from a single-vineyard Chenin parcel

Romorantin – Highly intense wine that is rich in minerality

La Petite Gaule du matin – A mix of Chenin and Menu wine that is dry, lively and great company during the summers

Vin de Frantz Rose – Wine with great texture made from a blend of Gamay and Grolleau; known for its signature acidity and minerality

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