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In the Italian language, Fratelli means “brothers”. Fratelli Wines, established in 2006 is the first ever Indo-Italian wine partnership to have its label and vineyards set up in India. It was a casual discussion between three sets of brothers (who belonged to farming families) that led to a deep passion for unlocking the wine-producing potential of the Akluj town, located in the Sholapur district of Maharashtra.

Alessio and Andrea Secci, Kapil and Gaurav Sekhri & Ranjit and Arjun Mohite-Patil were the three sets of brothers who worked 24/7 to dig the estate at Akluj and plant their vines here. The brothers believed that the vineyards had to be taken care of well if they wanted to produce world-class wines. When reputed winemaker from Tuscany, Italy, Piero Masi, joined the brothers in this venture, Fratelli started reaping rich rewards.

Masi brought with him the Tuscan style of traditional winemaking methods, which helped Fratelli produced diverse wines (dry, white, red, sparkling and more) with high quality and elegance. The Fratelli Wine Estate stretches across 240 acres, making it the biggest privately owned wine estate in India. The calcareous soils and the terror quality of the Akluj town were similar to some of the premium Italian wine regions of Chianti and Bolgheri. The sustainable viticultural practices followed here ensure that the wines produced are naturally pure and acidic.

While the vineyards are considered to be heart of Fratelli wines, the winery set up here is considered to be the soul. The extremely modern design & technology of the winery, built on an area of 40000 square feet, is equipped with some of the best European winemaking equipment. Every step of the winemaking process is dealt with a lot of care and precision. The wines produced here are classified into sparkling, red, white and international selection.

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