Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre

About Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre, a passionate winemaker from Australia, left her hometown to pursue her winemaking passions in Burgundy, France and create a name for herself there. When she got an opportunity to learn the art of winemaking in Burgundy from one of her clients, she didn’t let the opportunity slip away. She created her first vintage wine there in the year 1998. She did come back to Australia to work in various wineries and create other vintage wines, but she left for Burgundy, eventually, in the year 2004.

Today, Jane Eyre is the full-time assistant to the expert winemaker, Domaine Newman in the area of Beaune. Here, she has created two wines under her own label. They are the Mornington Peninsula Pinot 2012 and Savigny Les Beaune Aux Vergelesses 2011.  In the year 2011, she is the co-owner of a winery along with winemaker, Dominique Lafon.  One of the wonderful winemaking techniques that Jane Eyre follows is minimal extraction. According to her beliefs, over-extraction of the fruits takes away the original flavour and character from the grapes.

Every year, Jane Eyre travels from Burgundy to Victoria to carefully inspect the cultivation of her classic Pinot Noirs. She personally supervises the harvest and vinification process here, before she hands them over to her trusted colleague and wine expert, Bill Downie, who then proceeds with bottling the drinks. While crafting wines, she gives to preference to the aroma and delicacy of the grapes over their ripeness, because she loves the style that aromatic wines exude.

Currently, burgundies of Jane Eyre touch an annual production of around 20 barrels. Located far away from her home in Melbourne, Jane ensures that she creates wines that she chooses the best of the fragrant grapes for her wines. For this very purpose, she teams up with Benjamin Leroux, who helps her source the best Pinot Noirs.

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