About Rieslingfreak

Though there are quite a lot of grape varietals in the world today, not many are as flexible and diverse as the Riesling. This is one such varietal that can be used to make many types of wines such as dry, sweet, sparkling, fortified and the like. It can also be grown in different climatic conditions and soil qualities. All of these factors attracted John Hughes towards the Riesling brand so much that when he set up his wine company in the year 2009, he named it Rieslingreak!

Even before he started his company, he was quite familiar with this varietal and its feature because his father had purchased a farm in the 1990s in White Hutt, situated towards the north of Clare Valley, where Rieslingfreak is now located. John’s father, Richard Hughes, had planted almost five patches of Riesling and also clones of Riesling on his farm back in the 1990s.

Today, the Riesling for Rieslingfreak’s wines come from three of the important wine regions in Australia – Clare Valley, Polish Hill River Valley and Eden Valley. Riesling is planted on selected plots on these vineyards, so that the final output represents the unique characteristics of each of these terroirs. John has joined hands with five passionate winegrowers in these vineyards to cultivate the best Riesling ever for his brand.

A distinguishing feature of the wines created under this label is that each bottle has a number attached to its name. The number denotes the land where the fruit was cultivated and the style of winemaking used for that particular bottle. The wines created from the Clare Valley Vineyard are named No.3, No.5, No.7 and No.9. The ones created from the Eden Valley Vineyard are named No.4, whereas the ones created from the Polish Hill River Valley Vineyard are named No.2 and No.8.

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