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In the early 20th century, Vincenzo Roagna established the Roagna Wine Estate in Italy's historic Barbaresco region. However, today, this brand has its presence across other regions of Italy as well. The ownership kept passing on to the successors of Roagna. Currently, Lucy Roagna, the fifth generation Roagna family member runs the estate. The wines produced here are not only deep and complex, but rich and classy as well. It can be attributed to the perfect blend of classic and modern winemaking styles followed at the winery here.

The Roagna family understood the Barbaresco region's potential many centuries before the other brands started their business here. The family owns 20 hectares of land here, out of which 12 are under vine. Here are the details of the historic vineyards that come under the control of the Roagna family. 

Barbaresco Asili

Regarded as one of the most ancient vineyards in Barbaresco, this one stretches across an area of 0.22 hectares. It is located right in the heart of Paje hill. Its proximity to the fortress and the clayey soils found here make it a great choice for growing ancient Nebbiolo vines.

Barbaresco Carso

Located above the Barbaresco fortress, this Karst vineyard has a total area of 1.10 hectares. Thanks to the cool climate, marine sedimentation and marly-sandy soil found here, Chardonnay varietal grows well in this place.

Barbaresco Montefico

Located exactly in the middle of the Paje hill, this vineyard is located above the Neive town. Its total area is 0.24 hectares. The clayey soils found here make it suitable to plant Nebbiolo vines.

Barbaresco Paje

Located at an altitude of 230m above sea level, this vineyard experiences cold winters and very hot summers. It stretches across 1.83 hectares and is home to Nebbiolo and Dolcetto vines.

Castiglione Falletto Pira

A historic vineyard, this one is the biggest vineyard, as it stretches to 7 hectares. Barbera,  Chardonnay and Nebbiolo varietals grow here.

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