Secret Indulgence

Secret Indulgence

About Secret Indulgence

Secret indulgence refers to a limited series or collection of 12 unique and special bottles that provide an indulgent feeling to the drinkers. Developed and produced by the Californian wine brand JCB, the wines make for a prestigious and award-winning set of drinks. 

This unique collection got designed by Design Laboratory, breaking the conventional code for wines. The 12 bottles build a distinct and strong visual identity and narrative that creates an individual story and character for each wine. 

Confession is one of the wines under the collection of Secret Indulgence. The wine aims to unlock the different inhibitions that an individual imposes on their true self. It allows the drinkers to take a sip and confess all their sins and misdeeds and let the wine forgive and absolve them.  

The American Vintage provides a characteristic feel and taste of The United States of America with all its elements of freedom and liberty. The eagle on the bottle's label represents the internationally recognised image or emblem of American individuality and independence. Each sip of this wine narrates a story where the drinkers can learn about the experience, craft, and people involved in the vintage's creation and production. Overall, the wine creates a feeling where individuals can liberate themselves and commit themselves to their American dream.   

The bottle of Digression urges people to stand out and be unique in a crowd. It adds deeper layers to the sense of pride of being different and unique, never apologising for not mixing in with the others. The wine compels the drinkers to wake their curiosity and tread the uncharted territories to create their path. 

The Chronology bottle of the Secret Indulgence series provides a feeling full of intricate and complex sensations. It captures and narrates the unique story and tale of its beginning.

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