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The Spee'wah

About The Spee'wah

If you are looking for wines that complement the Australian lifestyle perfectly, the Spee’Wah wines are the perfect choice for you. With their fresh and authentic Australian taste, these wines are your best companions for enjoying a nice time with your loved ones. 

These wines are crafted in the Murray Darling region, which is blessed with fertile soil and excellent climate, thanks to the presence of the Murray and Darling rivers. This is the reason why the red wines have an excellent berry texture and the white wines have a rich, fruity flavour.

The Spee’Wah wine range is made up of different varietals of grapes classified under various groups known as Varietal, Regional Varietal, Premium Varietal and Reserve Regional Varietal. The varietals that are used for making these wines are as follows

Premium Varietal

  • Cabernet Petit Verdot – 80% Cabernet Sauvignon and 20% Petit Verdot; contains 14.5% alcohol
  • Viognier –100% Viognier; contains 14.5% alcohol
  • Cuvee Chardonnay – 100% Chardonnay contains 14.5% alcohol

Regional Varietal

  • Deep River Shiraz – 100% Shiraz; contains 14% alcohol
  • Houseboat Chardonnay – 100% Chardonnay; contains 14.5% alcohol

Varietal Blend

  • Sauvignon Blanc Semillon – 65% Sauvignon Blanc and 35% Semillon; contains 12% alcohol
  • Shiraz Cabernet – 60% Shiraz and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon; contains 14.5% alcohol

Reserve Regional Varietal

  • Clare Valley Shiraz – 60% Shiraz and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon contains 15% alcohol
  • Cowra Chardonnay – 100% Chardonnay; contains 13% alcohol

The flavour, aroma and texture of the white wines created by Spee’Wah wines are unique, because they are made from grapes cultivated in an area that is ideal for cultivating white varietals. The fermentation process happens in temperature-controlled barrels and the blending happens well before the wines are finally prepared for bottling.  The Spee’Wah wines are great accompaniments for all kinds of food, which make them ideal for all occasions – personal and professional.

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