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Vina Carmen

About Vina Carmen

Established in 1850, the Vina Carmen Winery is the oldest in Chile and a must-visit place for the wine connoisseur. Christian Lanz, the founder of this winery, named it after his wife, Carmen as his token of love for her. It was 100 years later that the Claro Group acquired the winery in 1987 and started developing it phenomenally. As a result of technological advancement, this winery is one of the biggest exporters of wine in Chile, today.

Around 94% of the total wine produced in the Vina Carmen Wines is exported to almost 50 countries, making it one of the most premium wineries not only in Chile but in the world as well. This winery is also the largest producer of the Nativa Brand of wines, which are made from organically grown grapes.  Five years after the Claro Group took over this winery they built a new winery and created more vineyards, so that they could increase wine production here.

The Carmenere grape, discovered in the vineyards of Carmen, is considered to be one of the most premium grapes today. This grape had gone extinct by the 19th century because it was infected with phylloxera. However, it made a magical comeback in these beautiful vineyards during 1994, which led to the start of a revolution in the Chilean wine industry. In the subsequent years, the winery achieved several targets. 

It became the first winery in Chile to launch the native and sustainable brand of Nativa. It also became the first winery in the world to produce and market Carmenere wine. Some of the famous wines from this winery are Carmen Gold Reserve, Carmen Do, Carmen Premiere 1850, Carmen Insigne, Carmen Winemaker’s and Carmen Gran Reserva. You can see the winery’s valleys spread across many parts in Chile. These places have been chosen by wine experts, based on their soil and temperature.

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