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Walter Hansel

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Located in the Russian River Valley Region, the Walter Hansel Winery was set up in the 1970s by Walter. Walter and his son spent the 1970s and 1980s planting 257 Chardonnay vines here and making around 50 cases of wine. By the end of the 1980s, Walter’s son joined with one of his friends, Tom Rochioli, to understand more about the potential of the terroirs of the Russian River Valley Region. From then on, this brand has been giving extreme importance to nature and minimal intervention in the winemaking process. Currently, the Walter Hansel brand is the proud owner of 8o acres of vineyards, that are planted with 11 different types of clones. In these vineyard parcels, you will notice 8 clones of Pinot Noir and 7 clones of Chardonnay. The winery is located right in the centre of the estate to ensure that no time is wasted in the processing of grapes.

The harvesting and winemaking processes are carried out in such a way that the original flavours of the grapes aren’t lost even one bit. All the vineyard practices followed here are in accordance with keeping Mother Earth happy & safe. Hand-harvesting and manual sorting processes of the grapes are carried out twice here – once in the vineyards and once in the winery. The red varietals of Pinot Noirs are carefully de-stemmed before the chosen berries pass into the fermenters. No machines are used in this process. The berries are passed through natural gravity. This is to ensure minimal intervention and retain the original characteristics of the fruits.

The white varietals of Chardonnays are taken to the French oak barrels, where they are cluster-pressed as a whole. This goes on for about 3 weeks, before the grapes undergo another malolactic fermentation. Every single parcel of the vineyard is treated with the utmost care, as this brand recognises the uniqueness of the terroir quality of each parcel.

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Walter Hansel Estate Pinot Noir 2016
Walter Hansel
Estate Pinot Noir 2016
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