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Welsh Family Wines

About Welsh Family Wines

Established in 2014, Welsh Family Wines was an endeavour of Wendy Davis and Dan Welsh. The winery produces its wines at the SE Wine Collective located in Portland in Oregon. Welsh sources grapefruits from vineyards all over the Willamette Valley. The winery implements minimalist winemaking procedures to make food-friendly and delectable wines. It goes about the fermentation process using native yeasts as one of their methods. 

Welsh Family Wines produces vineyard-specific, small-batch wines that express multiple and varied characteristics. They serve as a representation of the vineyards or their source of origin. Each wine gets made using winery and viticulture techniques with low to minimal intervention. The goal and aim of the winery are to develop and produce delectable drinks that signify and deliver the best qualities and elements of their fruit and vintage. 

The vineyards owned by Welsh Family Wines enjoy the perfect combination of environmental and climatic factors. It receives adequate rainfall, sunshine, and wind currents that enhance the growth of the grapevines. The beneficial soil characteristics with their desirable drainage feature also aid in the development of the planted vines. 

Welsh Family Wines incorporates several techniques to ensure the quality of their wines. Other than using native years, the workers at the winery also control the temperature during the fermentation process. The SE Wine Collective has a shared space and room for tasting and testing the wines. Here as well, they work with a decreased invention in the cellars. It helps to enhance and preserve the characteristics of the wine’s varietals. 

The tasting space or wine bar present at the SE Wine Collective offers all visitors a chance and opportunity to taste and enjoy the wines produced by Welsh Family Wines. It allows other winemakers and producers to evaluate the flavour, character, and aroma of their wines.

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