Baglio Gibellina

Baglio Gibellina

About Baglio Gibellina

Located on the beautiful and picturesque Sicily island, Baglio Gibellina is a renowned winery surrounded by the Santa Ninfa and Salemi hills of Trapani. The wine estate got established due to the dreams and aspirations of the Biscardo brothers. The Biscardo family remained reputed for their history and culture of winemaking in the Soava commune for more than 150 years. The brothers, hailing from such a family, have the requisite knowledge, talents, and skills to set up Baglio Gibellina and increase its fame and name on a global scale.

The plots and lands owned by Baglio Gibellina remain filled with olive groves, juniper trees, fichi d’India trees, vineyards, and citrus trees. The parcels remain located at an altitude or elevation of approximately 300m to 600m above sea level. The terroirs’ soil consists of a mixture of volcanic soil and clay. Such a composition facilitates and promotes the growth and development of healthy grapevines. Furthermore, the warm and cold winds from the south and north enable the vines to bear colourful, plump, juicy, and sweet fruits.

Baglio Gibellina prefers cultivating old vines to obtain the most authentic Mediterranean grapes. The winery follows an approach of quality over quantity. For that reason, the wine estate limits its yields to ensure the superior standard of the harvested grapes and the produced wines. On top of that, Baglio Gibellina implements and incorporates several modern techniques and equipment to optimise the winery’s processes and obtain the best results. Nevertheless, it does not ignore the traditional approaches and family practices.

The wines produced by Baglio Gibellina are of world-class and the highest quality. It is primarily thanks to the family tradition, state-of-the-art technology, and the capability and ability of Silician farmers. The harmony between nature and man allows the winery to make and sell superior wines.

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