Sparkling Wine

Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine has become incredibly popular over the past few years, led by a huge surge of appreciation for light and fruity Italian sparkling wine, Prosecco, which is perceived as a luxurious yet affordable alternative to Champagne. Consumption of Prosecco in the UK has doubled in recent years and sales continue to grow.

When choosing a sparkling wine have a look at the colour, where it was made and the variety of grapes used. A good Prosecco should be pale yellow with green tints and notes of pear and white flowers. It tends to be sweeter than other sparkling wines due to the sugar that is added during the fermentation process. The driest Prosecco is labelled Brut, followed by Extra Dry and Dry – so if you choose a ‘Dry’ Prosecco this is actually the sweetest.

It is also worth checking to find out how the bubbles were added to your chosen fizz as this can affect the flavour too. Some bubbly starts off as still wine and is carbonated by adding bubbles – in the same way that fizzy soft drinks are made. Others are made bubbly during the fermentation process by adding extra yeast and sugar.

Cava, Champagne and some quality European, American and Australian wines achieve their fizz during a secondary fermentation process in individual bottles. Prosecco also uses a secondary fermentation process called Charmat, which is carried out in tanks rather than bottles. Pet Nat sparkling wine is produced with minimal intervention to create natural fizz without added sugar, which makes it healthier and gives it a distinctly unique flavour.

At VINVM we have a great range of sparkling wine to suit all tastes, including sparkling reds and sparkling rosé wines. Use the filters to choose your preferred country, winery or variety of grape and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect bottle (or case) of fizz for your celebration.

Find out more about how sparkling wines are made by reading our Journal Article on Sparkling Wine. 


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