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French wines were the undisputed leaders in the wine market for a long time. However, in the recent past, the wine industry of France faced stiff competition from the European market. After 2003, the French wine market has undergone a sea change, though! Close to 8 billion bottles of wine are produced here every year. Champagne, the wine that used all over the world as a celebratory drink, is not Champagne, actually. In reality, Champagne is the exquisite wine that is crafted from the grapes grown in the beautiful region of Champagne in France.

Grape varietals

French is the home of the famous grape varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Syrah. Today, these are international varieties that you can find in many wine-growing nations of the world. The areas of Burgundy and Bordeaux are known for producing exquisite quality of grapes that are in great demand all over the world. Merlot and Grenache are the most commonly cultivated red grape varietals in France, while Ugni Blanc and Chardonnay are the most common white wine varietals here.

Wine growing regions

All the high-quality wine growing regions in France are given authorisation by the INAO (Institut National des Appellations d’Origine). The famous wine regions in France are:

  • Alsace - White-wine region located in eastern France
  • Beaujolais - Red-wine region located on the central eastern part of France
  • Bordeaux - Red-wine region with an interesting history 
  • Burgundy - Contains the largest number of appellations with an interesting variety of terroirs in France; reds and whites are given equal importance here
  • Champagne - Located in eastern France, it is the coldest region in France; Sparkling wines are produced here in plenty and still wines are produced in a minimal quantity here
  • Corsica - Mediterranean Island, where almost all the wines produced are for local consumption only

Languedoc Roussillon, Loire, Normandy, Picardy, Provence, Rhone Valley, Savoy and the south western part of France are the other common wine producing areas in France.

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