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Spain is currently the world’s third largest producer of wine in the world. Located in the Iberian Peninsula, Spain is known for its abundance of native grape varietals. As per the latest data, there are close to 400 indigenous grape varieties in Spain. However, over 80% of Spain’s wines are produced using only around 20 varietals of these native grapes.

Wine-growing regions

The distinct quality and character of wines crafted in Spain are mainly due to the unique soil quality, temperature and terroirs found here. The grapes are ripened thanks to the microclimates of these regions, naturally. The main wine growing regions in Spain are:

Green Spain

This is located towards the north western part of Spain and the area is known for its cool and wet climate. Albarino is the most common native variety of grape grown here. Godello and Mencia are the other popular varietals of grape grown here.

Duero River Valley

Home to some of Spain’s most famous wines, the Duero River Valley is one of the historical places of Spain. The famous red wine grape of Tempranillo is very famous here. 

Ebro River Valley

Sheltered by the Sierra de Cantabria Mountains, this area is famous for some of Spain’s most famous vineyards including Rioja and Navarra. You will notice the rare grape varietal of Moristel along with other varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo here.

The Meseta

This is a tabletop wine-growing region in Spain that account for almost 66% of the vineyards in Spain. Airen is the most popular grape planted here.

The Mediterranean Coast

This is an area that is warm and windy. The vineyards of Alella are known for producing the most famous white wine grape, Pansa Blanca. This area is also home to the Penedes region, where 95% of the Cava is produced. White wine varietals such as Parellada, Macabeo and Xarel-Lo are seen here in plenty.

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