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VINVM is a small, quality led London based Online Wine Shop that looks to offer a diverse and colourful range of wines from around the world at excellent prices. The team at VINVM all have our passion for different regions which we hope reflects in the wines on offer, as we discover new things, we will share these with you online. We hope the combination of a consumer focused site, an excellent wine range and great prices will make consuming wine an even more enjoyable experience.

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Château Ksara

Château Ksara

Chateau Ksara, nestled in the picturesque Bekaa Valley of Lebanon, is a historic winery renowned for its exceptional wines and rich heritage. Founded in 1857 by Jesuit monks, this esteemed estate boasts a legacy of winemaking that spans generations. The winery's sprawling vineyards cover 90 hectares of fertile soil, where they cultivate a variety of grapes, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah. Chateau Ksara is known for its commitment to traditional winemaking methods while incorporating modern techniques to produce award-winning wines that capture the essence of the region's terroir.

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