About Us

About Us

Who We Are & What We Want To Do For You.

First of all, why Vinvm? Vinvm takes inspiration from the Latin alphabet which did not contain the letter U (or J & W) and therefore words later written with U were initially written with V.

The word vinum means; "a solution of a medicinal substance in wine" - which we really quite liked.

At VINVM, we have a love and passion for wine & spirits that we like to share with you. We have hand selected a range of wines that we believe offers variety, quality and great value for money, all in one place. This is based on personally tasting the wine and knowledgable recommendations, if you have a wine that you like, let us know. If we don't already stock it we can look to source, try and then list the wine.

We want to focus on making sure that whilst we are offering a great selection, you as the customer are receiving these bottles in a timely and efficient way. We strive to keep vintages and availability up to date to ensure that any chosen wine is with you in a timely fashion.

We like to learn from you guys and experience, if you have any feedback (positive or negative) or questions please do let us know at info@vinvm.co.uk or contact us here. As part of this, we also work with Trust Pilot to provide an unbiased opinion on how we are doing.

From time to time we like to share new exciting wines that we try, if you wish to sign up to our newsletter (we promise to keep these quality rather than quantity based) please do subscribe here.

The Website

With some members of the team having a keen interest in IT and the others frequent wine buyers, we knew that the most important thing for Vinvm was to make sure that the online shop was simple, easy to navigate and quick.

We therefore began by setting up Vinvm for use on mobile and tablets, that we knew that when navigating on a traditional desktop, things would be simple too. This ensures that you can quickly find the wines you love, easily add these to your basket and quickly move through payment.


Our warehouse is located within the M25 and therefore this allows us to react quickly to customers requests. We offer a same day delivery service across a range of wines if you are located within Central London. We also have excellent access to additional ranges of wines and quick incoming deliveries as the majority of Brand representatives are also located centrally. We can therefore quickly process and ship your order.

We are also able to provide in bond pricing should you require.

Safety first; all bottles are shipped in wine specific, shock and temperature protective packaging. This can either be reused upon receipt or for other packaging needs, or can be recycled.

Who We Are?

VINVM has been co-founded by four friends eager to improve the current offering available in the online market. Having shopped about ourselves, it quickly became apparent that in order to get quality wines, other areas seriously lacked. We therefore hope that we can provide a more enjoyable and reliable service, be it for one bottle this evening or for 100 bottles for a wedding.