Sweet Wine

Sweet Wine

Sweet wines range from fresh and light-bodied drinks, filled with the scents and flavours of orchard fruits, to rich and velvety sweet wine which demands to be savoured slowly in order to fully appreciate the flavour.

Sweet wine is often produced using unique natural conditions or exceptional methods. Late Harvest sweet wine is produced from grapes that have been grown beyond their normal harvest date – making them exceptionally ripe and sweet. Icewine takes the late harvest method to extremes. It is made from grapes that have been left on the vine until the depths of the winter. The grapes are only picked and pressed when they have been naturally frozen and the water inside the fruit is turned to ice. When they are pressed they produce a rich syrupy juice, resulting in an exceptionally sweet wine.

Hungarian Tokaji is produced using a different process called Botrytization, where the grapes are left out on the vine until they shrivel completely, to produce a unique, intense nectar. Passito, Recioto and Vin Santo wines are produced from grapes that have been sun-dried. This process also increases the sugar levels of the fruit, which yield small quantities of rich concentrated juice when pressed. Sweet wines tend to go well with desserts and cheese and should generally be served at similar temperatures to standard red or white wines, depending on the intensity of their colour.

At VINVM we have hand picked our range of sweet wine to suit all tastes. Use the filters to select your preferred country, winery or variety of grape and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect bottle of sweet wine for any occasion.

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