Fortified Wine

Fortified Wine

Do you often wonder what fortified wine means when you see the name on a fancy bottle? Fortified wine is the wine that has some spirits (such as grape spirit or clear brandy added to it). The process and the number of spirits that are added to the wine may differ from brand to brand. In some wines, the spirits are added during the fermentation process, while in some other wines, it is added after fermentation. This wine-fortification method was started many centuries ago when people noticed that wine turned into vinegar when it was not preserved properly. 

Brandy was the first type of spirit that was added to wine to avoid it from getting spoilt. When you buy fortified wine, it is important for you to understand some basic details about them such as serving temperatures, recommended consumption quantity, health benefits, alcohol content in it, best food pairings to go along with it and more.

Today, the most popular fortified wine varieties are Madeira, Marsala, Port, Sherry, and Vermouth. Not many people buy fortified wine because they assume that this wine variety is very costly and too sweet. However, in reality, these wines offer you a great variety of flavour, texture and aroma. If you love to spice up your wine-drinking experience, you should say goodbye to the regular reds and whites and opt for the fortified ones, instead!

When you go out to buy fortified wine, you might have wondered on the different price ranges on these varieties. These wines are priced according to their ageing time. Fortified wines that have aged for a long time in their oak barrels cost more than wines that were aged for a short period. Usually, fortified wine contains about to 17 to 20% alcohol content in it, which is why not many people like to have it frequently. 

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