Bedrock Wine Co.

Bedrock Wine Co.

About Bedrock Wine Co.

Bedrock Wine Co. is a renowned winery established in 2007 by Morgan Twain-Peterson, a winemaker. Morgan worked in a converted and small chicken coop in his early years. Nevertheless, he had remained invested and interested in winemaking. He focused on developing wines with a rich personality from several thoughtfully and carefully-farmed vineyards. Hence, Morgan transformed the chicken coop into a small-scale winery. 

The chicken coop with its basket press and outdoor fermenters became Morgan’s first experience of handling a winery. It formed the basis and foundation of Bedrock Wine Co. Today, the winery is one of the most notable names in its region. 

Bedrock Wine Co. operates by dedicating itself to rehabilitating and preserving the natural quality of the old vineyards spread throughout California. The staff at the winery primarily target and aim for the plots that date back to the late 19th century to the early 20th century. Bedrock Wine Co. draws inspiration from such lands. It also put them to use for producing high-quality wines. 

Bedrock Wine Co. works with the philosophy and principle that diversity creates for the spice and excitement in life. Thus, the wines produced by the winery do not get limited and cater to a single style. Instead, they reflect Morgan’s eccentric tastes and his notion that a broad palate allows for fascinating gustatory experiences. 

The focus of Bedrock Wine Co. lies with the Bedrock vineyard. It is a historical plot in the Glen Ellen town in Sonoma Valley. The history of the land goes back to 1854. It got planted for the first time by William Sherman and Joseph Hooker. Today, the land stretches up to 152 acres. It occupies a significant portion in one of the best wine-growing regions. Hence, it receives beneficial factors that allow for the maturation of superior-quality grapes.

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