Delaire Graff

Delaire Graff

About Delaire Graff

The history of Delaire Graff goes back to the early 1980s when Erica and John Platter, the creators of the Wine Guide, purchased a farm and renamed it Delaire. The name stood for ‘from the eyrie’ in French to represent the mesmerising scenery that one could look down upon from the place. In 2003, the ownership of the Delaire Graff Estate got acquired by the Chairman of Graff Diamonds International, Laurence Graff. Since then, it has operated under his guidance and supervision.

Delaire Graff reached new heights and peaks under Laurence Graff. The owner’s purpose and dedication transformed the estate into one of the most reputed and respected destinations for wine, art, and hospitality all over South Africa. Today, Delaire Graff owned two modern restaurants, exclusive lodges, two luxurious boutiques, a top-standard spa, and a state-of-the-art cellar and winery. The place between splendid mountains, overlooking the Stellenbosch vineyards, is now one of the most prominent wine destinations globally.

The vineyards owned by Delaire Graff expand over 20 hectares of land. They remain situated on the Botmaskop Mountain slopes. The winery primarily uses and plants Chardonnay and Bordeaux red grapes. The wines it produces are of the highest standard and quality. They possess superior elegance and character. It allows the products to become the very best in the wine industry.

The superior quality of Delaire Graff’s wines is also thanks to its terroirs and vineyards. The parcels remain at a high altitude and have excellent soils. In addition, they experience the cool breeze that allows the grapes to be plump and juicy. Generally, the slow ripening season and optimum growth conditions enable the wines of Delaire Graff to have elegance and soft tannins. It, in turn, serves as the factor that makes numerous people love and desire the product even more. 

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