Garage Wine Co.

Garage Wine Co.

About Garage Wine Co.

Garage Wine Co is a lone wolf and pioneer in handcrafted, quality Chilean wine. Set up by Canadian ex-ski coach, Derek Mossmann Knapp. The wines are in complete contrast to the typical large wine brands of Chile. The emphasis is on hand made, excellently executed wines. The bottles are hand painted, the fields are plough by horse.

Derek stumbled across the small parcels of untamed vines that had been largely damaged by the 2010 earthquakes.

With the help of local farmers, the fields have been replanted, the old traditional varieties which may have otherwise been dug up, kept. The emphasis of viticultural management has been on quality and much work has been done to ensure that the excellent old Carignan vines from the sites preserved.

The bottles immediately grab your eye. old sparkling wine bottles are reused and the labels are painted on. Small Vats are used and small quantities produced.

Quantities are minuscule. The wine is made in tiny vats; old sparkling wine bottles are reused and filled by hand.

One step further than vintage:
Parcel: Initially when wines came in from small individual farms, the wines were each made separately to see how the soils and climates expressed themselves. This preliminary idea proved successful with each wine retaining a uniqueness from each plot. Thus they wines are produced as parcel specific ranging in production from 18oo bottles to 75oo for each vintage. The size of land for each parcels ranges from .6 Hectare to 1.9 hectares.

A lot is the the run of wine made from a Parcel. Starting at 1 then 2, 3 etc. Every time a new wine is made from a specific lot it is given the next lot number.

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