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Graham Beck

About Graham Beck

Discover the spirit of Africa with Graham Beck!

This 36-year old, South African winery has perfected the art of winemaking at its Robertson estate. It is a family-run estate which represents passion, a sense of heritage, authenticity and the pursuit of excellence in wine. They have certainly achieved excellence and you will understand this from your first sip.

Graham Beck Wines boast an impressive portfolio of wine, the most prestigious of which is hands-down the Méthode Cap Classique blend. However, if you have tried more than one Graham Beck wine, you will understand why it is difficult to pick a favourite!

We love how this winery continues to reinvent and improve upon itself. This is evident in the way in which they are constantly raising the bar when it comes to distinctive wines and quality.

Graham Beck has 2 wine estates which are situated on locations of varying climate in the Cape region. Between the lush terrain of its Robertson estate and the drier climate surrounding its Angela Estate location, the winery has the unique distinction of producing incredibly versatile wines.

The Graham Beck brand is also synonymous with basic family values and tradition, which the late Graham Beck instilled in his legacy to his family. Today, things are still the same and the next generation is leading operations and continuing to honour everything this popular name stands for.

Whether you are a casual wine drinker or enjoy the most esteemed wines, Graham Beck has something to offer all tastes.

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Graham Beck Brut NV
South Africa
Graham Beck
Brut NV
Graham Beck Ultra Brut 2016
South Africa
Graham Beck
Ultra Brut 2016
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