Graham Beck

Graham Beck

About Graham Beck

This South African winery is situated in the scenic Robertson Wine Valley, renowned for their unique terroir and lime-stone rich soils, has perfected the craft of Cap Classique sparkling wine production and has become one of the leading specialist producers. Not only have these bubblies been the celebratory toasts of international leaders such as Mandela and Obama, but they have also received prestigious awards. It is a family-owned estate which represents passion, a sense of heritage, authenticity, and is in an unwavering pursuit of the perfect bubble. They have certainly achieved excellence and you will understand this from your first sip.

Graham Beck boasts an impressive Cap Classique sparkling wine portfolio, within which each demonstrates a unique character and individuality. If you have tried more than one Graham Beck wine, you will understand why it is difficult to pick a favourite!

We love how this estate continues to reinvent and improve upon itself. This is evident in the way in which they are constantly raising the bar when it comes to producing distinctive sparkling wines and exceptional quality. Graham Beck focuses on minimal intervention letting the grapes and the terroir exhibit their beauty and quality. 

The Graham Beck brand is also synonymous with basic family values and tradition, which the late Graham Beck instilled in his legacy to his family. Today, things are still the same and the next generation is leading operations and continuing to honour everything this popular brand stands for.

Graham Beck Cap Classique is the ideal companion to any special moment - be it big or small, simple or sublime. We invite you to secure your selection of these superlative sparkling wines to celebrate what matters!

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