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The history of the Katnook Wine Estate, located in one of the premium wine regions of Coonawarra, dates back to as early as 1861. This was the time when John Riddoch came to this part of the world and realised the potential of the rich wine styles of the region. He bought large parcels of land to cultivate fruit trees and vines, and named it Woolshed in 1867. Today, it is still used as the barrel room of the Katnook Wine Estate, speaking volumes about this brand’s history.

The vineyards of this estate are located in Southern Australia in the Coonawarra Geographic Indication. The 155-hectare vineyard is blessed with an excellent environment and terroirs, which have got them Australia’s official wine environment assurance program, the Ertwine Accreditation.

Cabernet Sauvignon is the varietal that is planted in almost 55% of the vineyards of the Katnook Wine Estate. The other varietals that are planted in small lots are Chardonnay (9%),Malbec, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc (1% each),Merlot (4%),Pinot Noir (5%) and Shiraz (24%).

The viticultural practices followed here ensure that the components of water, nutrition of plants, controlling pests and sunlight are kept as natural as possible. In the vineyards, you can notice some novel techniques of water management and vine canopy being followed to retain the original character and flavour of the fruits.

This estate is famous for its 25km of red, fertile Terra Rossa soil. This type of soil is quite rare. You will also notice that the Coonawarra area is unique when compared to other premium wine regions of the world. Despite the absence of any rivers or valley slopes around this area, this is still one of the most fertile wine-producing areas that you can ever find in Australia. In the year 2010, the Woolshed winery was renovated, and while the ancient charm is still there, this place currently owns a micro-winery for processing primary wine parcels.

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