About Kayra

Kayra is a renowned Turkish wine producer and brand whose history dates back to the 1944s. The story of the winery remains closely associated with the peninsula of Anatolia. Since time immemorial, the region has witnessed the rise and fall of numerous cultures. Nonetheless, wine has remained a consistent part of the place. It can get owed to the God of Wine, Dionysus, worshipped since ancient times. 

Kayra aims to deliver antique essence and aspects of Anatolia through their wines. They wish to express the richness and vitality of life that has managed to grow unhindered and uninterrupted for over 7000 years owing to the generosity of the land’s soil. Thus, every sip and drop of wine produced by Kayra serves as a blend of legendary stories and history. 

The winery’s name is a word that depicts benevolence, grace, and kindness. It represents their faith and belief in the form of goodness, portrayed through the characteristics of wine. Kayra aims to become the winemaker generation that utilizes indigenous grape varieties from their birthplace and introduces it to the world. 

The vineyards owned by Kayra experience the wonders of the region’s microclimate. The beneficial rainfall, sunlight exposure, and air currents promote the growth of the planted grapevines and enhance their quality. It allows the wines produced by the winery to be of the highest standard. 

The wines produced by Kayra originate as an expression of Anatolia. They serve as one of the most notable culinary achievements of humanity. They have often gotten referred to as the “water of life.” Nonetheless, the drinks are inexpensive for various people spread across the globe. 

Overall, Kayra defines Anatolia. Additionally, the peninsula expresses the winery to its core. The former takes care of the latter, bringing the wonders of soil, grapevines, and climate to life.

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Kayra Narince 2018
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