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Oxford Landing Estates

About Oxford Landing Estates

If you are looking for affordable and vegan Australian wines, you should taste the ones from Oxford Landing Estates right now. Produced in the sun-kissed region of Riverland located in South Australia, this estate is blessed with excellent climatic conditions to produce intense fruits. The Murray River flows across the estate, making it a fertile wine-producing region in the continent. 

With its rugged landscapes and sustainable growing conditions, this location caught the fancy of late Wyndham Hill-Smith in 1958. That’s when he established this wine estate. He and his expert winemaking team took a lot of effort to make the most of every acre of the vineyard, to produce intense and full-bodied grapes. Some of the special qualities of this place included the red soils, excellent exposure to the sun, clear and blue skies, and an abundance of natural extravaganza.

In the earlier days, the Oxford Landing Estate was known as Yalumba River Estate, and the grapes produced here were used for making fortified wines and brandy only. However, Wyndham created a revolution in the wine industry of South Australia, when he planted the first Cabernet Sauvignon vines here in the early 1960s. This estate became one of the biggest Cabernet plantings in the state.  

The first wine from this brand was launched in 1990 after three decades of intense research and development on land, techniques, and sustainable practices. Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio are the varietals used for making Oxford Landing wines. The vineyard is segregated into two 150-acre plots that are looked after with a lot of care and detail. Both these sites are treated as separate ecosystems, with small-scale winemaking practices followed here. Indigenous yeasts are used for wild fermentation of the grapes to retain the fruit's original flavour, character, and intensity.

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