About Skillogalee

Located in the scenic Clare Valley in South Australia, Skillogalee is a family-owned winery known for crafting high-quality and unique wines. This winery –cum-restaurant-cum-boutique is a perfect vacation spot for wine lovers who love the old-world charm of winemaking along with modern technology. Skillogalee winery was the first to be set up in Clare Valley. Till today, it is considered as the best in the valley as well.

John Horrocks named a creek near Penwortham as Skillogalee, in memory of the dish named skillogalee or skilly that he and his fellow explorers consumed when they fell sick. In the year 1969, Spencer and Margaret George acquired the Skillogalee Estate and started making a lot of developments here. In the initial years, Riesling, Grenache, Shiraz and Crouchen grape varietals were grown here. In a decade, the vineyards underwent further development, as a result of which, they became compatible with growing Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Gewurztraminer and Malbec grape varietals as well.

The vineyards are planted at an average height of 500m above sea level, considered as one of the tallest in South Australia. Though it is a small winery, Skillogalee is equipped with modern techniques to handle the fruits and for the vinification process.  While the reds are handled in a very traditional way, the whites are exposed to modern processes and techniques, so that the flavours of the fruits are retained to the maximum possible extent.   For the red grape varietals, basket pressing is followed even today, to ensure that the flavours are not lost.  To ensure that the wines are not spoiled, a very minimum amount of sulphur is added to the fruits.

One of the latest technologies to be introduced at the Skillogalee winery is the implementation of stevlin screw caps. This move is not only to improve the quality but also the durability of the wines crafted here.

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