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Sokol Blosser

About Sokol Blosser

Sokol Blosser, the pioneer of Oregon wineries. Before they started in 1971, there were no other wineries located in this valley that became known for its suitability to grow vines. Bill and Susan Blosser created the vineyard before handing over to their son Alex and daughter Alison in 2013/14. Sokol Blosser have 128 acres of prime land in and around the Dundee Valley, an area perhaps best known for its Pinot Noir. It is therefore no surprise that Sokol Blosser have focused much of their efforts in producing some magnificent Pinot Noirs.

Aside from their excellent Pinot based reds, they also produce some very interesting whites from varieties rarely used in the states and more commonly associated with areas such as Germany & Alsace. These include Pinot Gris, Müller-Thurgau, Pinot Blanc, White Riesling & Chardonnay.

The Evolution Range - You cannot talk about Sokol Blosser without mentioning their Evolution Range, this is a wine makers dream. Each year, a new incarnation of the wine is born based on what is tasting right. Rather than trying to follow an existing flavour profile year on year, they create a blend from their wide range of grapes to produce the very best flavour profile possible from that years crop. They do this for both their white and reds and they are most certainly some of, if not our favourite wines from this producer bang for buck.

Finally, what makes Sokol Blosser even better is that they are sustainably lead and as off 2015, are Organic certified. In a move to ensure a minimal foot print on the earth they also use 50% biodiesel on all machinery on the farm, use solar panels & purchase renewable wind power.

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