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Villa Antinori

About Villa Antinori

The Antinori family has been in the business of winemaking since 1385, when Giovanni di Piero Antinori became a part of Vinattieri’s Florentine art. Bringing the experience of twenty-six generations, the family has revolutionised their winemaking business through innovation and choices while staying true to their traditions and territory. 

Niccolo Antinori named the Villa Antinori line of wine—representing his interpretation of Tuscan and Chianti identity—after their family villa in 1928. The Villa Antinori line of wines comes from the Villa del Cigliano, where generations of the Antinori family had lived since 1546 when Alessandro di Niccolò Antinori came to control the building. It is symbolic to the Antinori family as it is from here that the Antinori family took their baby steps into the winemaking business.

Villa Antinori is a contemporary representation of the home and territory of Tuscany. The wines produced in this line have a touch of experimentation, evolution and historical value to them. Some of the famous wines produced under the Villa Antinori line include:

Villa Antinori Bianco: Introduced in 1931 by Marcus Niccolò Antinori, this white wine represents the Tuscan territory. It brings together traditional and non-traditional grapes and a strong character filled with freshness and elegance. This wine is the perfect example of experimentation by the Antinori family. The wine was first made in 1931 from traditional Trebbiano grapes. To add strength to the wine structure, a small portion of Chardonnay was added in the 1980s.

Villa Antinori Chianti Classico Riserva: This wine is the product of the Antinori family’s reinterpretation of a Tuscan classic, created after the Antinori winery’s inauguration in Chianti Classico. The elegant and decisive Riserva, made from the Sangiovese and other varieties of grapes, comes with its characteristic style and quality.

Villa Antinori Pinot Bianco: This wine is a product of Tenuta Montelero’s best vineyards. The white wine is a testimony to the history of the region.

Villa Antinori Rosso: The wine was given its name from the grapes harvested and aged in the vineyards of the family’s Tuscan estates. The grapes then undergo vinification and ageing in the Casa Antinori. The wine was aimed to be Casa Antinori’s symbolic wine, capable of representing the history, continuity and identity of the Antinori family. 

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