About Antinori

The story and endeavour of Antinori began and continues over and with twenty-six generations of the Antinori family. The family has remained engaged in developing and producing high-standard and quality wines since 1385. The idea and process of Antinori’s establishment started when a member of the Antinori family, Giovanni di Piero Antinori, became a part of Arte Fiorentina dei Vinattieri. At that time, it was the Winemaker’s Guild in Florence. 

Since then, the Antinori family and its descendants have upheld their responsibilities and duties of managing and maintaining the winery’s operations. They came up with innovative and bold ideas and decisions. Nevertheless, to this day, the winery and all its staff respect and follow the customs and traditions passed down by their ancestors. 

Today, Marchese Piero Antinori holds the position of Honourary President at Marchesi Antinori. His daughter, Albiera Antinori, possesses the post of President. She works to take the family business to new levels with the unceasing support from her sisters, Alessia and Allegra. The three remain invested in the winery’s work, handling all the work and matters by themselves. The family aims to utilise and implement the driving force of intuition, passion, and tradition to improve Antinori and make it one of the most renowned and significant winemakers in Italy. 

The 100-acre vineyards owned by the Antinori estate lie five kilometres away from the Tenuta Tignanello estate. Out of the total land, 50 hectares remain dedicated as planting vineyards. The place enjoys a beneficial and ideal microclimate that promote the growth and development of the vineyards. The valleys surrounding the area get warm and refreshing winds. In addition to these, the vineyards come with gravelly soils having high content and concentration of minerals. It aids in providing and incorporating a fruity feel and character to their Sangiovese grapes.

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