The world’s most sought-after sparkling wine, Champagne is grown and produced exclusively in the Champagne region of North-East France where the cool climate and chalky soil, coupled with meticulous production methods give this prestigious beverage its unique taste. Deliciously refreshing and bubbly, Champagne sets the benchmark for all other sparkling wines to follow.

Champagne is produced predominantly from 3 varieties of grape: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, using a special winemaking process where the wine is fermented twice, in order to create the classic Champagne bubbles. Every Champagne house has its own signature style, achieved through the blend of grapes used and the age of the wine. Chardonnay grapes provide freshness and elegance, Pinot Noir add backbone and Pinot Meunier improve fragrance. Each bottle is stored for at least 15 months before leaving the winery in order to allow the flavour to develop.

When choosing Champagne you can determine a lot from the age of the bottle. Younger Champagne tends to be fresh, floral and citrusy, whereas older bottles develop richer and softer flavours with hints of brioche and hazelnut. Vintage Champagne is more complex, featuring rich, toasty tones tempered with ripe fruit.

Associated with luxury and celebration, Champagne is ideally served in a flute, which helps to preserve the fizz by reducing the surface area at the top of the glass. The fizzy bubbles absorb into the stomach quickly, swiftly enhancing the thrill of an occasion, whatever you are celebrating. We recommend a serving Champagne chilled but don’t pre-chill it in a freezer or use pre-chilled glasses as this will diminish the sparkle.

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