Bodega Luigi Bosca

Bodega Luigi Bosca

About Bodega Luigi Bosca

Established in 1901 by Don Leoncio Arizu, Bodega Luigi Bosca is Argentina’s most ancient family-owned winery today. Currently, the winery is managed by the descendants of the founder. This winery is located in Mendoza, the richest wine-producing regions in Argentina. The wines crafted in the Luigi Bosca winery are of high quality and intensity because of the unique desert climate of Mendoza and the fertile alluvial deposits in the soil.

The seven proprietary vineyards that are in the names of Bodega Luigi Bosca today are Finca La Linda, Finca Los Nobles, La Espana, Don Leoncio, El Paraiso, La Puntilla and Los Miradores. These are located across Argentina’s important wine regions of Maipu, Tupungato and Lujan de Cuyo. The best part of these vineyards is that they are all at an elevated level. 

Some of the finest wines created here are:

Icono - This is made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec grape varietals. This red wine’s characteristic feature is its floral note with fruity aromas. It has a long finish and leaves a spicy taste in your mouth. The wine is aged intensively in oak casks.

Finca Los Nobles Chardonnay - This is made from the choicest of Chardonnay grape varietal. It is a yellowish white wine that comes with dried fruit aromas and floral character. The wine is aged in French oak and it is a very subtle yet deep wine that is a true representation of the purest of white wines.

Finca Los Nobles - Malbec Verdot - This wine is created from Malbec and Petit Verdot grape varietals. It is a bold and voluptuous red wine with a balanced fruity character. This wine is aged in oak casks.

Finca Los Nobles - Cabernet Bouchet - This is crafted from Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Bouchet grape varietals. This ruby-red wine has an equal mix of fruit and spice flavours, because of it being aged in oak casks.

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