Charles Van Canneyt

Charles Van Canneyt

About Charles Van Canneyt

Charles Van Canneyt is one of the most distinguished people in the region of Burgundy in the current years. He is an eminent winemaker and the much-revered and respected man behind the renowned winery Domain Hudelot-Noëllat. The wines made by Charles Van Canneyt are some of the most well-known in France and several parts of the world. 

Charles Van Canneyt started his winemaking journey under the guidance of his grandfather, Alain Hudelot-Noëllat. He learnt his top-class skills and gained experience under the latter’s mentorship, gradually building a name for himself in the wine industry. After Charles took over Domain Hudelot-Noëllat in 2008, his reputation reached an exceptional level owing to the superior wines produced by him and the winery. 

Charles Van Canneyt uses the best grapes to produce wines. He sources them from the finest grapevine growers in Burgundy, using his extensive network and connections. Furthermore, his intimate knowledge and understanding of the art allow him to develop some of the best wines in the field. Charles Van Canneyt has a superior comprehension of the steps and methods required to grow and harvest grapes perfectly. In addition, to that, he knows the best way to make the wines and age them. Nevertheless, he often incorporates improvements to improve the quality and properties of the produced drinks. Thus, his expertise allows him to reign supreme in the winemaking industry.  

However, it does not imply that Charles Van Canneyt interferes significantly with the grapevines and vineyards. Instead, he believes in the natural characteristics of the terroirs and strives for minimal intervention in the fields. In other words, he prefers not to use detrimental chemicals, insecticides, and herbicides in the plots. It, in turn, allows the harvested grapes to retain superior attributes, enabling the production of exceptionally fresh, rich, aromatic, and delectable wines.

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