About Cobb

David Cobb, one of the reputed Pinot Noir viticulture experts of Sonoma Coast, and his son, Ross Cobb, an expert of Pinot Noir grapes, got together to create Cobb Wines in 2001. The sole aim of this label was to bring out the best of the Pinot Noirs that were planted on the single vineyard of Sonoma Coast.

After years of searching for the right place for his vineyards, David reached the ridge tops of the Sonoma Coast. The soil quality, climate and overall terroris of this place made him and his son believe that they could create the authentic and full-bodied Californian Pinot Noir right in that area. Until 2001, the father-son duo created wines in small batches for their own use from hand-crafted Pinot Noirs.

However, when they realised that the small batches that they created held a lot of promise & potential, they wanted to tell the world about the same. This is what led to the formation of the Cobb Wines brand. The vineyard, owing to its coastal nature, was quite near the Pacific Ocean. This made this vineyard one of the coolest Pinot Noir growing places in California.

Apart from making wines from its own vineyards on Sonoma Coast, Cobb Wines also works on grapes grown in four other small vineyards that share a similar coastal climate but with different soil conditions. Thanks to these, Cobb Wines creates different qualities of Pinot Noirs from almost 25 selections located across 5 vineyards.

In all these vineyards, the family practices sustainable winemaking methods to ensure minimal intervention from the vine to the bottle. Low yields are maintained here, with the average yield being only two tons per acre. This standard is maintained in all the five vineyards that Cobb Wines is closely associated with. Therefore, you will get to taste different flavours and intensities of Pinot Noirs here.

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