Domaine des Bosquets

Domaine des Bosquets

About Domaine des Bosquets

The history of the first vines planted at Lieu-dit Les Bosquets in the Gigondas hierarchy, dates back to as early as 1376. The first building was set up on this estate in the year 1644 by Noble Jean de Riviere. In the year 1861, Eugene Raspail became the first person to construct the Chateau Raspail at this very location. He purchased this domaine instantly, because he understood the potential of the climate and terroirs of the Gigondas territory.

It was during 1961 that Gabriel Meffre brought back this estate. This was when the Domaine came back into the control into the Meffre family, to whom the place belonged many centuries ago. Gabriel and his wife Juliette worked hard on the land to establish the famous Bosquets Vineyards that stand strong and beautiful today. They started with a small parcel and worked hard to grow into a place that stretches 26 hectares now.

The single-vineyard of Domaine des Bosquets is one of the most beautiful. It is circular in shape, and the 26 hectares cover some of the most fertile regions such as Jasio, La Colline, Le Plateau, Les Bosquets, Roche, Les Routes and Les Blaches. The geological nature of these regions is quite complex. With their varying altitudes and unique, fine sandy texture, these places help to grow some of the most intense grapes that you will ever find in the world.

In these 26 hectares, Grenache is the most planted varietal. Almost 70% of the vineyard is covered with Grenache vines. Some other varietals that you can spot in small parcels are Syrah (covering about 20% of the vineyard), Mourvedre (covering about 8% of the vineyard) and Cinsault (covering just about 2% of the vineyard). Since 2018, only biodynamic winemaking practices are carried out in this vineyard.

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