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Domaine Rapet

About Domaine Rapet

Domaine Rapet is situated between Cote de Beaune and Cote de Nuits, Pernand-Vergelesse Burgundy. This estate produces some of the best wines around Cotton hill. The estates are recognised by the ministry of agriculture and have all the necessary certificates meaning that they embrace an environmental approach. This means that agriculture is carried out in a respectful manner to the surroundings, and rigorous specifications are followed. To get certified, there are different requirements that need to be observed. Domain Rapet gained the highest certification in 2018 because of responding to the essential aspects. 

Biodiversity is one of the main things observed at the winery. This includes listing different flavouring elements in terms of flora and fauna in the surroundings. This includes insects, flowers, trees, grass, woods, and so on. Fertilisation management has also been optimised by doing a plot analysis of the vines to give all the needed amendments. In this way, fertiliser intake is reduced. Phytosanitary control is also rationalised. This is another aspect that the certification is involved with. Domain Rapet France adapts Phytosanitary products in accordance with the target of reducing use. The estate engages in the most sustainable viticulture to offer wines produced with great respect for the surroundings. 

Domain Rapet's history may be traced to 1765. this means that it is a very old family business that was involved in wine tasting. Later, Roland and Robert, sylvette and Vincent managed the estate. The estate covers 20 hectares. Domaine Rapet presents red and white wines that are offered in full vintage ranges. Here, tourists are welcomed by the connoisseur who takes them around. The estate pays great attention to the grapes to achieve great wine. The work at the vineyards is handled meticulously and with care ensuring that all grapes get full advantage of the sun's rays. 

Over time, a lot of investment has been put into the estate, including getting a tractor to assist with mechanical maintenance following the Burgundian tradition. This includes scratching, hilling, and passing the plough in between the vines. The estate also fights insects and diseases according to the prevailing climate, reducing treatments. To get the most out of every terroir, yields are controlled perfectly.

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