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Donati Camillo estate started in 1930. This was when Orlando planted a vineyard that was aimed at family consumption. This was in Arola in an area called Groppone. It was so named because of the large slope of the land. Orlando planted different grape varieties grafted by Oreste Cavali, his brother-in-law. The grape varieties ranged from Moscato Giallo, Sauvignon, Malvasia Aromarica di Candia, Lambrusco Maestri and Grasparossa, Sangiovese, Bonarda, and Barbera. Some varieties have disappeared, such as Terra Promessa and Uva Rara. 

Orlando had a great passion for vines and viticulture, so he invested a lot of effort in this area. At that time, he pressed all the grape varieties together. He only ensured that the red ones were kept separate from the white ones. He experimented with growing various grapes, and this zoning has been very important to what Donati Camillo is today. This is especially in choosing Cultivars and rootstocks when new vineyards are being created. 

During Orlando's times, vineyards were a representation of a great part of the economy of his family. This is because it was possible to consume wine each day which was an important part of reaching the fundamental calorie intake within the family diet. Today consuming one is viewed as a thing done for pleasure. However, in the past, wine was a way of compensating for some food shortages. 

Orlando's son Antonio took a different path after his education. He was employed, but even with his career, he cultivated the land with Orlando until the latter died in 1964. Antonio continued with the cultivation and had a deep love for nature and vines. This culture has been passed down to the generations, and there has been much learning regarding vines. Donati Camillo always works at identifying if vines need any support. The individual attention given during the pruning season helps in this area. Vines need attention from winemakers, and with this, they can thrive very well. Antonio spent most of his time in the vineyards instead of the cellars because this is where great wine-making started. 

Antonio taught his son about vinifying. With Donati Camillo Italy, it has been about passing down knowledge and wisdom through the generations based on sharp intelligence and long experience in the sector. 

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