Alois Lageder

Alois Lageder

About Alois Lageder

The Alois Lageder, located in the Italian location of Alto Adige, is spread across 50 hectares. A major highlight of this winery is that it follows biodynamic principles while growing and harvesting grapes. The climate and soil varieties found on these vineyards help the grapes grow well and reflect their full flavour and character. Here, you will find three ranges of wines – Classical Grape, Compositions, and Masterpieces.

This winery boasts of a 17m deep, circular cellar, where the grapes undergo rigorous vinification process. The cellars operate as per two natural principles of gravity and circle. Traditional, as well as innovative winemaking, is undertaken by wine experts in these cellars. The winery currently collaborates with around 90 grape growers across the Alto Adige region, who grow the highest quality of grapes in the most natural way possible. For the last fifty years, the Alois Lageder winery has been giving equal importance to all its partners.

It was during 1823 that the idea to set up this winery was conceptualised by a young and talented winemaker, Johann Lageder. He began his wine business in Bolzano and today, after 200 years, his family manages the 50-hectare vineyards in a very biodynamic method. You can enjoy guided tours when you come here. When you take up these tours, you get an opportunity to taste the exquisite wines created here. You can also go around the cellars to understand the process of wine making. 

This is one of the places where you will get to see traditional and modern winemaking techniques existing in perfect harmony with each other. When you take up individual tours, you can taste the exotic collection of wines under each of the categories – Classical Grape varieties, compositions and masterpieces. These tours last for about 3 hours and you will not only get to taste the wines but also understand the rich history and culture of the wines.

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