Domaine Henri Bourgeois

Domaine Henri Bourgeois

About Domaine Henri Bourgeois

Located in the heart of Chavignol, the Domaine Henri Bourgeois Winery is a family-operated farm and the Bourgeois family has been taking care of it for the past 10 generations. This place is the abode of the original Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir wines. The winery, located in a small village called Sancerre in Chavignol in France.

Wine-making is an art in this winery, as the place still follows the age-old traditions introduced by the Bourgeois family ancestors even today. There are dedicated plots for each variety of grapes and they are hand-picked at the time of harvesting. Only the grapes that have attained the desired maturity phase are moved on to the next phase. The winery cellars, located in the deep hills of Chavignol are designed in such a way that they help the wines to age well and with full respect to the natural conditions.

Some of the popular wines that are produced in this area are Sancerre Blanc, Sancerre Rouge, Sancerre Rose, Pouilly-Fume, Centre Loire and Petit-Bourgeois. The winery is set up over a large area of 72 hectares, which is neatly divided into three parts based on the soil types found in them. The place that contains clay-limestone soil is the one that produces full-flavoured and fruity grapes.

A special variety of soil that can be found in this winery is the Kimmeridgian marls. This is the slot where exotic varieties of grapes with unique flavours are grown. If you are looking for intense-tasting wines, this is the place that you have to focus on. The third variety of soil that you will find here is flint. This place is perfect for producing wines with a roasted and nutty flavour. When you visit this winery, don’t forget to take a tour to the tasting cellar, where the natural ambience of the place enjoys you to taste some of the unique and speciality wines of this place.

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