Louis M. Martini

Louis M. Martini

About Louis M. Martini

Located in the iconic wine region of Napa Valley in the USA, Louis M Martini Winery is a family-owned wine estate that aims to create the best ever Cabernet Sauvignon for wine lovers. Martini, as a young boy, assisted his father in San Francisco in making wines, before we went back to Italy to study the art of winemaking. In the early 1920s, Martini set up his grape manufacturing company to specialise in winemaking in Napa Valley, especially during the years that followed Prohibition.

By the year 1933, Louis M Martini set up his winery in St. Helena, towards the north of Napa Valley. Within 3 years, this became one of the earliest wineries in the region to introduce cold fermentation process. In the subsequent years, the family started to expand its control by buying a ranch on the Sonoma Coast, now known as Monte Rosso Vineyard.

In the year 2002, the Martini winery and vineyards were acquired by the prestigious Gallo family. Martini was bestowed with a huge recognition in 2008. This was the year got inducted into the Vintner’s Hall of Fame, and considered as a pioneer, for his significant contribution to the wine industry of Napa Valley.

  • Currently, the vineyards that are part of this estate are:
  • Monte Rosso – Located on the Mayacamas Mountains, this vineyard produces some of the best and intense grapes
  • Stagecoach – Located on the volcanic soils of Vaca Mountains, this vineyard stretches across 600 acres
  • Cypress Ranch – Located in the warm Pope Valley, this vineyard produces highly balanced Cabernet Sauvignon varietals
  • Sun Lake – Located at the base of Howell Mountains, this vineyard produces fruits of intricate layers
  • Thomann Station – Located right behind the winery in St. Helena, this 10-acre vineyard is known for its gravelly loam soils, which are ideal for growing Petite Syrah.

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