About Fontanafredda

If there is one Italian wine label with a rich, royal history, it has got to be Fontanafredda. Started by the first King of Italy in 1858, Fontanafredda, is one of the richest and authentic Italian wine labels today. Vittorio Emanuele II purchased the Fontanafredda wine estate, and dedicated the same to his children, who were the Count of Fontanafredda and Mirafore. Within 8 years of buying the estate, the King bought his first Barola vineyard.

Within 1870, the Fontanafredda cellars witnessed an authentic vinification process. By 1878, the King’s son established another 300 hectares of vineyards that belonged to the local workers as part of his estate.  In the year 1931, the Italian wine industry was severely hit because of the serious disease that affected the vines, phylloxera. At that time, the ownership of the Fontanafredda Wine Estate was transferred to the Gancia Family. In the year 2015, organic farming techniques got introduced in the estate.

Today, the Fontanafredda Wine Estate is one of the most popular wine producers in the Barolo region. Close to 120 hectares of vineyards are dedicated to producing organic wines in the Narrant Village.

Some of the popular wines of this group are:

Barolo DOCG – Made from Nebbiolo grapes cultivated in the Serralunga d’Alba region

Barolo Riserva – This is one of the premium and rare wines from this label. It is also made from Nebbiolo grape varietals grown in the Serralunga d’Alba and Barola regions.

MGA Fontanareeda – These are produced in special vineyards with homonymous amphitheater facilities, in the municipality of Serraluna d’ Alba.

All the Fontanafredda wines have a style and elegance to them, that make them stand apart from the other wines in Italy. The finesse and the workmanship involved in these wines are unique, and you may not find the same quality in the other Italian wines.

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