Greek Wine Month

Greek Wine Month

First time in the UK

We are delighted to be able to participate in the UK’s first ever Greek Wine Month.

The promotional month is a collaborative effort between The Greek Wine Federation, Westbury Communications, UK importers, restaurants and retailers across the UK.

A Brief History on Greek Wine

Greek wine boasts a rich and intriguing history dating back to prehistoric times. Evidence shows that wine grapevines existed in Greece as far back as the Ice Age, making viticulture and winemaking some of the oldest human activities in the region.

Following a decline, wine cultivation spread across Greece during the Archaic period (7th BC) due to favourable climate and soil conditions. The Classical period (480-320 BC), especially the Golden Age of Athens, saw the rise of democracy and philosophy, with Greek wine celebrated in the works of classical writers, tragedians, and philosophers.

During the Hellenistic period, after Alexander the Great's death, Greek civilisation and wine growing expanded to regions like Egypt and India. In the Roman period (40 BC - 320 AD), many Greek cultural elements were adopted, leading to the emergence of the Greco-Roman civilisation.

In Byzantine times (324-1453 AD), Christianity became the official religion and spread throughout the empire. Even during the Crusades and after the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople in 1453, Europeans maintained a presence in Greece, particularly in the south and on the islands.

Under Ottoman rule (1453 to 1821), Greek vineyards remained largely untapped due to religious restrictions on alcohol consumption. The Greek War of Independence in 1821 left much of the country's resources, including vineyards, devastated.

In modern times (1945 to 1975), Greece recovered from World War II and a bitter civil war. However, the last decade of the 20th century marked a revival of Greek wine, with small and medium-sized producers emerging alongside large winemaking enterprises.

Today, wine enthusiasts worldwide can savour the excellence of new Greek wines, produced from varieties and vineyards that have been renowned for millennia, cementing their place in global history.

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