About Hickinbotham

Established in 1971, the first wine of the Hickinbotham Vineyard got planted by Alan David Hickinbotham. Alan was the son of Alan Robb Hickinbotham, Australia’s first lecturer on wine science at the renowned Roseworthy Agricultural College. Located on Clarendon’s high hills in the northern rim of McLaren Vale, the 186-hectare land had remained under the ownership of the Hickinbotham family for about 40 years. The possession of the property changed in 1012 when the Jackson family purchased it. 

Although the pedigree and history of the vineyard have remained established for a long time, it initially produced fruit to supply many of the iconic wine producers of Australia. The bottling process first started after the change of ownership in 2021. Out of the total area of the property, 85 hectares got assigned to grow grapes that would get sold to esteemed winemakers. The wineries that had a partnership with Hickinbotham Vineyard consisted of Clarendon Hills, Hardys, and Penfolds. In recent times, Hickinbotham Vineyard continues its 50 years of legal under winemakers Peter Fraser and Christopher Carpenter. Vine grower Michael Lane also aids them in the journey. 

The climatic conditions surrounding the winery and its vineyards prove ideal for premium and high-quality winemaking. The sunny environment of the Mediterranean region gets moderated by the refreshing and cold evening breezes originating from the ranges of Mount Lofty and the Gulf of St. Vincent. Shiraz, Merlot, and Cabernet vines almost fifty years old get planted and dry-farmed on the terraces. The ancient soils from the beach sands provide an excellent draining system and ability that allows the grapevines to grow seamlessly. Additionally, the Hickinbotham vineyards follow biodynamic and organic viticulture practices. A culmination and combined effect of all these factors create the ideal environment of vine growing that all winemakers look for and desire.

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